Micrographics & Consumables



BizTech Solutions is an authorized reseller of microfilm/microfiche devices and media, as well as aperture card solutions from the Wicks and Wilson division of The Crowley Company and from Eastman Park Micrographics Equipment. These manufacturers build amazing devices which take tried & true document retention media and make them part of today’s digital technology landscape.

Let us help you to eliminate service hassles and added costs by bundling multiple hardware maintenance agreements for different vendor equipment types at multiple locations into ONE MASTER AGREEMENT!  

Media and Consumables:

EPM Archive Writer

The IMAGELINK Reference Archive System includes a complete information security system: hardware, software, media, service, quality monitoring and disaster recovery.

EPM Archive Processor

Committing your source document images and computer-output digital documents to microfilm assure access to important information for decades – even centuries.

2150 Silver Film Duplicator

Extek’s Model 2150 is a desktop silver roll film duplicator designed to meet the needs of users having low volume microfilm duplicating requirements.

Single-format Production Scanners (high volume) for either microfiche, roll film or aperture cards:

W&W 7700 Fiche Scanner

The 7750 is a true high-volume production microfiche scanner utilizing Wicks and Wilson’s proven and reliable automatic feed, closed cartridge system. This unique system totally eliminates any possibility of the microfiche being dropped, damaged or stuck together during the automated scanning process.

Multi-format on-demand scanners (low volume) for microfiche, roll film and aperture cards:

Reference Archive Scanner

The successor to Kodak’s popular but discontinued i7300, the MACH7380 HDX scanner reverses the inefficient aspects of traditional 16mm microfilm retrieval by offering quick view times, multiple output/delivery options and work-saving functionality.

Watch UScan in Action!

Boston Symphony sees great results

“The UScan+ is revolutionizing how we can provide access to the wealth of content contained in our scrapbooks. We are pleased to highlight its capabilities to research librarians, showcasing how we are using technology to increase access to content.” — Bridget Carr, Senior Archivist at Boston Symphony Orchestra.