Storage Management


How long do you need to keep each type of document/data?

How frequently will the documents/data be accessed?

How will data be backed up and how do you recover it?

How do you guarantee that data is secure?

A good storage management strategy takes into account each of these questions, as well as how long to keep information instantly accessible (online) vs. readily accessible (near-line) vs. offline in permanent storage and/or final deletion.

Today’s businesses face a wide variety of laws and regulations relating to the retention, deletion, authenticity, accessibility, and confidentiality of data; an effective archive solution must include the ability to set storage policies that satisfy these regulatory/legal requirements. Furthermore, an archive solution should be indexed and have search capabilities, enabling the files (and any portions of those files) they contain to be easily located and retrieved.

Working with you, we will assess your business rules and legal retention requirements to develop an appropriate strategy utilizing a combination of storage management software and the right type(s) of storage media to suit your access needs.


Storage Management Solution   Storage Management Solution
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