Optimizing Clinical Forms Processing at Facey Medical Group in California


Facey Medical Group Document Imaging

Technologies Used:

  • Kofax Capture
  • Kofax Transformation Modules
  • MS-SQL Server
  • Fujitsu fi-5750 scanners
  • Custom integration to AllScripts TouchChart System

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Facey Medical Group has offices in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, Simi, and San Gabriel Valleys. Facey is a multi-specialty medical group, with over 170 healthcare providers offering a broad range of specialties including primary care and OB/GYN, as well as medical and surgical specialties. They operate two Urgent Care Centers (Santa Clarita & Mission Hills) which offer comprehensive physician services, lab, and radiology seven days a week.

The Business Challenge

A few years ago, Facey began scanning their medical records with the Allcripts TouchChart product. Though far superior to a paper process, the product required manual indexing of the various medical forms into the document imaging system; this process was slow and tedious, requiring numerous staff. Facility directors needed access to the Service Request Forms (SRF) faster than the medical records department could get them into the system with their current staffing. Access to these forms is crucial to patient service and doctor satisfaction.

Cristina Gomez, HIM Manager at Facey, had extensive experience with document imaging. She was looking for an innovative document management solution which would use OCR to ‘read’ the index data from the forms, freeing up staff to handle other tasks. The solution needed to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with their AllScripts TouchChart System
  • Minimize the labor involved with scanning
  • Provide a flexible solution without requiring separator sheets or form bar coding
  • Leverage their investment in their existing Fujitsu fi-5750 scanners
  • Provide a quick win, while allowing future expansion to other forms


The Solution

The HIM Manager reviewed many integration vendors, narrowed the list to three, and ultimately selected BizTech Healthcare Solutions, a Kofax authorized reseller and Fujitsu authorized reseller as well. After testing two OCR technologies, Kofax Capture coupled with Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) was chosen for the implementation. This product greatly simplified their scanning process by utilizing an unattended module on the server to process scanned SRF’s.

The document capture process is similar to their existing workflow. Users scan the SRF’s in batches. The SRF’s are automatically separated based on advanced form recognition software which performs the data capture. Users validate separation, but only for documents with more than one page—this is a huge time savings. The medical record number (MRN) captured from the form is then validated against the Allscripts database, and the name and date of birth are automatically populated in the index. This eliminates a manual exception process to handle the number of errors produced previously when non-matching user-entered TouchChart data was imported to Allscripts. The date of service is extracted by OCR and attached to the document index.

The majority of documents process into Allscripts with virtually no user intervention. Occasionally forms come through without the MRN; these are processed through the same workflow and are automatically separated into a special batch to be later researched by a skilled user. These forms can then be manually indexed by MRN, minimizing data entry and reducing errors.

The KTM is tightly integrated with Active Directory and SQL, providing reports and audit data for the medical record department, and virtually eliminating the need for manual logs to track these forms through the department.

All of this was implemented by BizTech Healthcare Solutions in less than 30 days.


“Our OCR journey with this product has allowed our HIM-Record Processing Division to help us achieve our strategic goal for the organization: To enable and optimize our EHR systems and workflows while keeping our clinicians and patients as our priority—ALWAYS.”

—Cristina Gomez, Manager of HIM,  Facey Medical Foundation


Return on Investment

Facey Medical Group is well-positioned to continuously achieve time and cost savings because its technical architecture for improving processes is now modular, extendible and standardized to add other applications like the Kofax Capture Workflow. Some key benefits:

  • Reduces process time from days to hours
  • Significantly reduces errors and lost documents
  • Significantly reduces rework
  • Enables supervisors to see real-time work status for each document