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As an OPEX authorized reseller, BizTech Solutions has fully integrated OPEX’s sophisticated line of capture platforms which tackle mixed document scanning and can also provide mail opening/extraction combined with image capture and classification. Don't let the paper go any farther than your mailroom!

Extend the processing power of these high-performance advanced capture solutions by adding the OPEX Import Utility to your OPEX scanner configuration. As the OPEX Scanner opens and scans incoming mail, the OPEX Import Utility identifies, indexes and distributes each piece of mail to your existing document management system. The OPEX Import Utility uses the sophisticated Kofax Transformation Modules to extract data from scanned images, turning documents into usable data for knowledge workers in just seconds.

OPEX has a one touch scanning approach to the document capture, which eliminates many steps in the document capture process. The following Infographic shows changes in workflow with one touch scanning and the various steps it eliminates.

Watch the video to see how we scan with one touch


Our account executives are available to understand your business needs and make recommendations to improve your process and most importantly, accomplish your goals!

Support & Service

OPEX's Service Organization is one of the most comprehensive service organizations in the document imaging and material handling industries.

Featured Product(s)

Falcon Scanner Series

The Falcon+® is the only scanner you can purchase that will provide a return on your investment. Reduce doc prep labor, minimize errors and costly rescans. Eliminate consumables including patch sheets, photocopies and tape. Falcon+® has seven strategically positioned, selectable Multi-Feed Detectors (MFDs), stopping virtually any double feeds or dog-eared pages from being missed. Our Thickness Measuring Device (TMD) will automatically detect and classify envelopes as transaction separators. The scanner comes in multiple configurations, including:

  • Falcon+
  • FalconV+
  • Falcon+ Transportable
  • Falcon+ RED
  • FalconV+ RED

STS Digital Mailroom

The STS is designed for any size mail center, the Falcon® STS is the only platform on the market that enables each mail piece to be imaged, sorted and tracked via barcode and its contents scanned - all on a single platform.


Omation Series Mail Openers

The Omation product line comes sets a new standard for mail opening and includes two models:

  • 210 Model – Low Volume Mail Opener
  • 410 Model – Medium Volume Mail Opener

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