Panasonic Scanners

As an authorized Panasonic reseller, we sell and integrate the complete line of Panasonic scanners into our solutions offerings. These document scanners range in capacity from workgroup to departmental to enterprise scanning. Their high-capacity scanners offer high speed and equally high precision, as well as malfunction resistance to keep your operations humming right along.

Panasonic scanners are easy to operate, and simple & economical to maintain. Whether capturing low volumes or high volumes, durable Panasonic scanners will get the job done.

Featured Product(s)

Panasonic KV-S5078Y

The Panasonic KV-S5078Y has claimed the Buyers Lab Summer 2020 Pick Award for outstanding light production scanning. The scanner offers:

  • Cost Effective light-volume production scanning
  • Accurate OCR and robust compression capabilities
  • Automated image enhancement, data extraction, file naming, and routing features at the press of a button
  • PC-less scanning to email, shared folders, FTP


PremierCOMPRESSION / PremierOCR utilizes best-in-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and dramatic file compression:

  • Making files up to 90% smaller so that you can access them faster and easier
  • Securely coverts document to fully searchable PDF, offering major cost saving on cloud or server space with significant ROI
  • Dramatically reduces egress fees therefore optimizing cloud spending
  • Reduce network traffic while increasing information flow allowing for better customer support and employee productivity

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