Conversion Services

Alchemy and Keyfile Conversion

How do I convert all of my existing
paper files to images?

Through our partners, we can offer a host of services from backfile conversion scanning to paper file destruction. Electronic images can be created from paper documents, photos, forms, faxes, patient charts and medical records, among other things.

During a typical backfile conversion, a predetermined set of your existing non-electronic files and documents is prepped and digitized into electronic documents using high-speed scanning devices. The resulting electronic files are then indexed and imported to a document management system for immediate access.


Get me out of my current
management system!

Think you’re stuck with your old, proprietary imaging system? Think again!

Early document management systems were often proprietary in nature. They didn’t integrate well with other software and after a time, the manufacturers stopped adding new functionality. Many of those early systems aren’t even being sold or supported by the vendors anymore. If you have one of these older systems, chances are you’re feeling trapped. Your data and images are being held captive in a dead-end system!

If your existing document management platform can’t grow to meet your business needs, or the software is being sunset by the manufacturer, our team can extract images and corresponding meta data from the old system and seamlessly import it to your new document management platform. During the conversion process, we can even repair and restore any objects or data found corrupted in the old system. We've helped so many of our clients modernize their systems and convert their existing images. Let us help you!

Read about how we helped Hess Energy Trading Company by rescuing 17 million images, HTML files, and PDF’s from their old Keyfile document management system.