Document & Data Capture

If you can’t capture your information accurately & efficiently, what good is it? At BizTech, we partner with the most innovative and reliable capture technology providers today to develop solutions that fit your business requirements, no matter how large or small.

AIIM whitepaper: “Get Ready to Capture your Content”, a great information source and checklist for getting started with document and data capture. Read more   


Scanning Solutions

Scanning Solutions

With state-of-the-art scanners from companies like Fujitsu, Kodak, OPEX, and Panasonic and advanced capture software from industry leaders ABBYY, INDICIUM, Kodak, and Kofax, we give you the power to convert your hard copy documents to digital information you can actually use.

By building in advanced image processing tools such as auto-orientation, color recognition, hole punch removal, blank page detection, auto-cropping & edge detection, as well as OCR (optical character recognition) & barcode recognition, we can virtually eliminate poor image quality and the need for manual indexing. Many of our scanning solutions can operate in a mobile environment as well as on a traditional scanning platform.

Our scanning solutions make your process more efficient and seamlessly integrate with the rest of your business workflow.

Forms Processing

Forms Processing Solutions

Using technologies like automatic document classification, OCR and ICR (intelligent character recognition) from experts like ABBYY, Kofax, and Microsoft, we can create solutions to capture data directly from your paper forms, replacing manual and error-prone data entry. This significantly reduces labor costs, improves productivity and information quality, and accelerates business processes.

Fax Solutions

Fax Solutions

For more than a decade, we’ve been integrating RightFax—the world’s leading enterprise fax solution—into our capture solutions to enable our clients to receive faxes electronically with better clarity and higher resolution at the fastest speeds possible. Key features are:

  • Centralized Network Fax Resource
  • Enterprise-wide Certified Document Delivery
  • Receipt and Tracking (including archival, notifications, auto-reply and recipient verification)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Cost Reduction (with least-cost routing and scheduled off-peak/expedited delivery) and Cost Recovery for billing