Automated HIM Charge Entry & Coding

…IMAGINE a single interface pulling together data from your HIS, EMR, document imaging system and encoder.

Your coders have everything they need right in front of them for charge entry, so there is NO passing of records back & forth between HIM clerical staff, and NO overnight batch processing…

Automated Charge entry and coding

Read about how our client, Berkshire Health Systems, implemented ProMed to improve their coding process. 



ProMed for Coding


Our award-winning ProMed for Coding solution is designed to streamline your charge entry and coding process, shorten your billing cycle, reduce claims denials, and improve coder productivity reporting.

The application delivers complete data — packaged by account or encounter number — directly to the coder. ProMed for Coding unifies the patient EMR, scanned document images, and your existing encoder into one highly efficient, user-friendly environment. It helps to drive down costs by eliminating coder keystrokes and reducing data entry errors. With our charge entry solution, the coder never has to type in a medical record or account number. Any charges, or charge edits, entered by HIM staff are done in real-time.

ProMed eliminates the batch processing of charge entry data from your BAR system into your encoder. It integrates with your existing HIS, EMR, document management system and encoder, layering on your existing infrastructure.


  • Shortens the billing cycle by 24 to 48 hours, providing real-time charge entry and eliminating overnight batch processing
  • Reduces errors and cuts coders keystrokes by providing a unified interface
  • Provides intelligent work queue distribution, workflow, and detailed productivity reporting & auditing
  • Securely supports on-site as well as remote coders