Enterprise Document Management & Workflow

ProMed DM provides document management that can securely span your entire organization—from patient records to human resource documents and beyond!

Bring your HIS/business application & Document Management worlds together with the touch of a button!

Healthcare document management


ProMed Document Management (DM) & Workflow


ProMed DM serves as foundation for the entire ProMed Suite. The document management system is built utilizing a standard, non-proprietary database and image format. The system supports the storage of document images, MS-Office documents including email, as well as faxes and any other electronic file types. Optional modules can be added to include support for version control and full-text retrieval.

User access within ProMed DM is tightly controlled by rules established within the ProMed Management Studio. Security roles can be defined at the user or group level, and access rights can be controlled down to the individual document and page level. The system has a detailed user auditing feature, providing an audit trail of all activity with respect to any user or document (down to the page or annotation level). All user activity of document access, creation, modification, or deletion is auditable.

ProMed DM is designed to tightly integrate with your existing HIS or other line of business applications to enhance your productivity like no other document management system can, saving keystrokes and time. The ProMed Enabler utility is designed to integrate with healthcare and other line of business systems (accounting, human resources, etc.), allowing clinical and non-clinical users to securely access a complete list of stored files directly from their existing applications. Scanned images, transcribed reports, print streams and electronic files can all be stored in the document management system. Using a simple hot-key, the ProMed Enabler can grab pre-selected data from the current application/dialog box, and pass it to a program which will search ProMed DM for the corresponding document/record. The information can also be used to initiate an event trigger or workflow in another application, or to collect audit data across multiple systems for a consolidated access log.

ProMed DM with Workflow provides a graphical process model to automate standard policies and procedures, improving the efficiency of work processes as well as ensuring compliance. The robust workflow engine has built-in due dates, alerts, notifications, approval and process audit reporting. Work tasks are assigned to the right person at the right time, with response expectations. Standardized work processes and audit trails empower managers with the ability to balance workloads and control access security. Predefined exception flows and conditional routing enable them to focus their time on handling special cases and on employee development. Users have the confidence that they are doing the right task and can consistently provide superior levels productivity. ProMed DM with Workflow is the basis for other ProMed solutions, including ProMed for Coding


Workgroup Imaging and Workflow

ProMed Stat!
is ideally suited for small clinics and physician practices. It offers a small-scale (5-10 users) document management platform capable of storing up to 2 million images. The system also features basic workflow and scanning capabilities. It can quickly and easily be implemented at minimal cost, and is completely upgradable to the full ProMed DM platform.