Patient Record Scanning

Document scanning can be a labor intensive and time-consuming process, especially in healthcare with so many different types of documents.

ProMed Patient Record Scanning makes it easy, whether scanning an individual set of documents for a single encounter or an entire medical record.


ProMed Patient Record Scanning


The solution provides highly advanced scanning capabilities to capture patient documents of varying type, age, color, size, and content. Labor costs are minimized by built-in sophisticated image processing techniques and enhanced barcode recognition. ProMed Patient Record Scanning’s simple user interface provides chart page sorting to quickly locate documents.

Time- and error-saving capabilities, such as automatic forms classification and data extraction can be added to further automate processes. For example, charge data can be extracted from Encounter Forms and sending it directly to your billing system.


  • No need to sort chart by document type, single- vs. dual-sided, or landscape vs. portrait
  • Automates the extraction of data directly from scanned documents for indexing
  • Provides the ability to customize internal workflow for scanning, indexing, and quality assurance
  • Enables the storage of document images on microfilm for archive and legal retention
  • Can scan greater volumes with fewer staff
  • Provides flexible user interface designed to eliminate keystrokes


Read about how our client, Alice Peck Day Hospital, implemented ProMed to improve their patient record access. 

Patient Record Scanning



Did you know??   The cost of filling and maintaining a single file cabinet is staggering---as much as $2,000 per year for a standard 24” deep, 4-drawer cabinet!