Workflow Automation

Automate a mess, and you get a faster mess.
Dropping a workflow product into your operations---without first studying the path of information flow---will prohibit user acceptance and guarantee the failure of the system. We can work with you to analyze your current business processes to automate the data flow most effectively.
An efficient workflow system enables intelligent routing of work to individual or group queues defined by functional role. It also provides workload management, auditing, reporting, and alerts & notifications.
Most importantly, it seamlessly integrates with your existing line of business systems. For years, we have been successfully implementing robust products such as INDICIUM Flow, MS-SharePoint, and Open Text .Net Workflow into our clients' operations.
Our workflow solutions have been implemented to handle
such business functions as:


Human Resource Records Management   

Correspondence Management   

Order Processing   

Healthcare Coding   

and many others


AIIM whitepaper: “How to Unclog Your Business by Automating Content-Intensive Process”, an excellent resource on Business Process Mapping (BPM) and successfully implementing workflow into your business process. Read more

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